Personal Care Industry

The Personal Care industry is very dependent on the creativity of its raw material suppliers. Raw material suppliers who are dedicated to developing new raw materials, providing sophisticated prototype formulations, and offer responsive technical support win the confidence and loyalty of customers.
Some of Usha Fibre's products for the personal care industry are:-

Polyethylene Glycols (PEG) : -Utilized in many products as solvents and humectants, this chemical is of particular concern because it acts on the skin by opening up the pores to facilities more rapid absorption of environmental toxins like DDT.

Propylene Gycol (PG) : -A form of mineral oil, pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol is an alcohol that is used in personal care products as a solvent for colors and flavors. It has been shown to cause eye and throat irritation, metabolic acidosis (in high concentrations), reduced red blood cells and hemoglobin, and developmental problems.

Diproplene-Glycol (DPG) : -Use in Fragrance Oils.

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