Monoethylene- Glycol
Propylene - Glycol
Unsaturated Polyester Resin
Styrene-Monomer Phthalic-Anhydride Maleic- Anhydride Solvents
Natural- Butyl-Alcohol
Chlorinated Paraffin Wax
Poly-urethane- Resin
Latex Rubber Pigments
(Various Colours)
Fibre Glass Chopped Strand
Mat  (CSM)
Fibre Glass Woven Roving (WR)
Fibre Glass Surface
Fibre Cloth P.V.A. Powder Methyle Ethyl Kiton
Toluene NC Thinner's Synthetic Thinner's Methyle-Ethyl-Keton-Peroxide (MEKP)
Cobalt Octoate
(2 % to 6 %)
Moulding Brush
(1" ,2", 2.5",3")
Telcum Powder
( Flen Chok Powder)
Marble Powder N C Paints Synthetic Paints P u Paints
Fibre Glass Roofing Sheets Fibre Manequenes Gel Coats
ISO Resin
Polly Vinyl Chloride Resin (P.V.C Resin)

It's Use in Textile& Printing

It's Use in manufacture of polyester (PET) resins, films and fibers

It's Mainly used for nitrocellulose

It's Virus Precipitation Solution (5 x)

It's Use in the Skin Care Industry

Use in Fragrance Oils

TPG is used for textile soaps, lubricants and cutting oils and as a chemical intermediate in urethanes, and as a solvent in coatings and inks.

It's Use in Electrical components, Pipes, Tanks, Ducts.

It's Use the applications of agro, engineering, leather, pesticide, printing & packaging, pharmaceutical and other industries

Used in the production of plastic plasticizers, alkyd resins, dyes, unsaturated resin and certain medicines and pesticides.

Used in production of unsaturated polyester resin. It also is used in coating

Used in all types of garments and home furnishing .

Printing Inks & Paints