Textile Industry

During the process of manufacturing, textile has to go through a long process of chemical and non chemical treatments. The Textile finishing procedure includes preparation and pretreatment, dyeing, printing and refinement of fabrics.
Some of Usha Fibre's products for the Textileindustry are:-

Glycols and ethoxylates: : -Usha Fibre produces monoethylene glycol (MEG), diethylene glycol (DEG), triethylene glycol (TEG) and polyethylene glycol (PEG) of molecular weights.

These find use in emulsifiers, wetting agents, dispersing agents, levelling agents and lubricating agents. They have a low PEG content for better surfactancy and are sold under the IGSURFseries.

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Product Gallery

Diethylene-Glycol Monoethlene-Glycol Triethylene-Glycol Polyethlene-Glycol Propylene-Glycol Diproplene-Glycol Tripropylene_glycol Unsaturated-Polyester-Resin Styrene-Monomer Phthalic-Anhydride Melic Anhydrid Solvents Natural-Butyl-Alchol Iso_Propylene_Alchol Clorinated Protin Wax Poly urethene Resin Latex_Rubber_Gloves Methyle Ethyl Kiton Toluene Thinner_Nc Thinner_Synthetic